ÜberWi: Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Gateway Service

ÜberWi is a cloud-managed gateway service that simplifies the deployment and management of Wi-Fi networks anywhere in the world.

ÜberWi UXC Gateway

ÜberWi provides a flexible platform that allows for configuration and user management of remote networks from a scalable cloud based management system.

ÜberWi UXC gateways remotely connect, monitor and control access to Wi-Fi networks across many industries including education, municipalities, retail chains, restaurants, campgrounds, marinas, concerts, and sporting venues. Providing a unified user experience in geographically diverse locations, The ÜberWi UXC seamlessly connects to the cloud where it is managed and configured. ÜberWi UXC gateways feature local network routing, NAT and firewall services, in addition to intrusion protection keeping your network safe from unauthorized access. ÜberWi makes managing one or 1,000 networks simple with built-in monitoring tools, reports and a web-based dashboard.

What Else Does ÜberWi Include? We’ll Tell You!

  • Plug-and-Play Installation with Easy Branding and Monetization Tools
  • Cloud-Based Architecture Allows for Centralized Management of Multiple Sites
  • Securely Segregate Private from Public Network Traffic
  • Integrated Security Firewall Providing Intrusion Protection
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership by Leveraging Existing or New Wi-Fi Networks
  • Ideal for Networks up to 50 Access Points with No Incremental Fees
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AllCity Wireless strives to provide network operators the industries best tools to get the most out of their public Wi-Fi networks. With the global explosion of Wi-Fi networks, we want to ensure that public Wi-Fi continues to to be safe for users, and profitable for network operators. We will continue to develop cutting-edge products with a principled and customer focused effort. Our success comes from customers, partners, co-workers, and family. Our philosophy is to learn, improve ourselves and our products, and pass along our success to those who support us and our efforts.
The ÜberWi Promise, as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Deployment
ÜberWi is designed with ease of deployment in mind. Our plug-and-play hardware installation makes deployment the quickest in the industry. Operation with ANY brand Wi-Fi radio makes the ÜberWi solution the easiest to integrate.

Step 2: Management
ÜberWi simplifies network management with a cloud-based platform. Access, view, and configure your networks from anyplace, anytime. ÜberWi’s user-friendly portal includes all the reports, dashboards, and configurations you’ll need to operate a secure public-facing Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Monetization
We understand that providing Wi-Fi can be expensive. ÜberWi can help monetize any network, as easy as checking a box. ÜberWi provides advertising injection, affiliate programs, and pay for access to any Wi-Fi radio network.

ÜberWi is the fastest, easiest, and most inexpensive method to manage and monetize ANY Wi-Fi network in the world.