ÜberWi is a cloud-managed gateway that simplifies the deployment, management and monetization of public facing Wi-Fi networks anywhere in the world.

The ÜberWi solution is comprised of two components: A cloud-based management platform and the ÜberWi UXC gateway. An ÜberWi UXC gateway can be deployed anywhere in the world, and can be installed in 60 seconds. Providing simple plug-and-play installation, the ÜberWi solution is the most flexible Wi-Fi management solution available.

ÜberWi’s cloud-based management platform gives network operators the power to centrally configure and monitor Wi-Fi networks anywhere in the world. With the ability to configure user authentication, service plans, and network monetization, the ÜberWi portal is one of the most powerful cloud-based Wi-Fi management platforms available. The ÜberWi management portal also features reports, alarms, and an easy to use wizard for getting the most out of your public Wi-Fi networks.


Network operators can now monetization any Wi-Fi network without the need for costly hardware or complex configuration. ÜberWi’s turnkey solution makes it easy to advertise, integrate 3rd party affiliate programs and/or implement a payment portal.


The ÜberWi solution  is the easiest to operate, fastest to deploy, and creates the most value for network operators.
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