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National Support Center Testimonial2017-01-19T10:50:31-05:00
According to Ron Johnson of National Support Center, ÜberWi is saving him and his customers money from the moment the UXC Gateway is unboxed. Now Ron can have anyone follow the simple step by step instructions, and 60 seconds later Ron has complete control over the users of his newest WIFI deployments.

“It used to take 3 hours to have an IT tech on site to configure our gateways, at $95 an hour that adds up. Now we ask whoever happens to be on site to take a few minutes to plug in the UXC, we are logging in users roughly 60 seconds later.”

National Support Center has found that the Cloud Hosted ÜberWi system has dramatically cut deployment times. Add in ease of management, detailed view of network usage reporting and radio vendor neutrality, it is significantly cut rollout times in multiple locations, saving lots of money in the process.

Also contributing to speedier rollouts is there are zero Configurations to be made on site. Even if there are no public IPs available, or Firewalls in place, the UXC gateway is still controlled by the ÜberWi Cloud without use of VPNs. Splash pages, access plans, usage policies and much more are all centrally managed so changes to networks are easily made.

“This is so easy compared to the way we used to do it” Says Ron with a little laugh.