UXC Devices

The UXC Devices page will list the UXCs and the status. The time the UXC last checked in is reported and can be useful to check if the UXC is reporting as offline.

Uberwi UXC Devices

Various operations can be performed on a UXC:

Stats: View statistics about how the UXC is performing.

Edit: Open the page to edit the information for this UXC.

Reboot: Reboot the device.

Apply Configs: Apply new configurations to the UXC. This option is needed when updating the profile, permitted sites, or blocked sites.

UXCs need to be added by UberWi staff, but can be modified by clicking on the entry in the Location column. The most common entries that need to be changed on a UXC are the default profile, the Internet speed, and the location. The profile is used to determine which branding to use for this UXC. The Internet speed is used for calculating the amount of bandwidth each device receives. The location is used to populate the map on the Dashboard page. After entering an address hit the Calculate Coordinates Based On Address button to populate the latitude and longitude fields.

Edit UberWi UXC Device