ÜberWi Gateway – Wi-Fi Cloud Management Platform Now Shipping

//ÜberWi Gateway – Wi-Fi Cloud Management Platform Now Shipping

ÜberWi Gateway – Wi-Fi Cloud Management Platform Now Shipping

ÜberWi is Changing Public Wi-Fi Globally, Leveraging a Scalable Cloud-Based Architecture

ANNAPOLIS, MD, USA, August 17, 2015 – AllCity Wireless, an innovative provider of solutions for enterprise-class wireless broadband and Wi-Fi deployments, announces worldwide availability of ÜberWi, a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to quickly and easily manage and monetize their public Wi-Fi networks. The ÜberWi platform is changing the paradigm of the Wi-Fi market by enabling network owners to seamlessly manage their Wi-Fi infrastructure, user experience and authentication policies regardless of location or brand of radio deployed.

ÜberWi’s cloud-based solution removes the challenges and complexities of deploying and managing traditional Wi-Fi networks that have plagued network operators. Providing a seamless user experience across any Wi-Fi access point, anywhere in the world, ÜberWi is installed by simply plugging in a gateway on-site. With nearly zero on-site configurations required for deployment, ÜberWi delivers fast and worry-free installations without the need for costly technicians.

“The Wi-Fi market is growing at a staggering rate with radio manufacturers leapfrogging each other as technology evolves,” said Philip McQuade, President and CEO, AllCity Wireless. “ÜberWi seamlessly ties these disparate Wi-Fi technologies together with a single dashboard to quickly view and manage network assets, user status’ and monetization tools, allowing network operators to focus more on their business and less on the network.”

The ÜberWi platform provides feature-rich user management offering authentication options including social media logins, guest passes and payment gateways with customizable plans. With built-in system monitoring and a robust reporting suite, network operators can run their networks more efficiently freeing up valuable time and resources.

For more information and specifications, visit http://www.uberwi.com/solution

About AllCity Wireless Since 2005, privately held AllCity Wireless has been committed to developing state of the art technology solutions that increase the value of any Wi-Fi or WiMax network. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, the company is led by an experienced management team and has a world-class engineering organization. For more information, visit our web site at www.uberwi.com and www.allcitywireless.com.