AllCity Wireless Announces Partnership with RaGaPa, Inc.

//AllCity Wireless Announces Partnership with RaGaPa, Inc.

AllCity Wireless Announces Partnership with RaGaPa, Inc.

ANNAPOLIS, MD, March 15, 2016 – AllCity Wireless announces its latest monetization partner: RaGaPa, Inc.

A pioneer in in-browser content insertion technology, RaGaPa’s innovative take on monetization of a network makes fitting their offerings into an ÜberWi or WiDirect deployment a natural fit.

AllCity Wireless’s products lead the industry in scalable WIFI management systems with that is infinitely customizable to a client’s needs. The overlay of RaGaPa’s content insertion into one of AllCity’s deployments increases the metrics and understanding of their user’s traffic, browsing habits, and makes the most of location based marketing opportunities.

About AllCity Wireless
AllCity Wireless is North America’s premier provider of turnkey network solutions for the delivery of enterprise-class wireless broadband and municipal WIFI deployments. The AllCity Wireless suite of Cloud-based and premise-based solutions allows network operators and managers to deploy, sell, manage the user experience, and manage the network itself in any sales model, be it advertising-based, fee-based, or a hybrid approach.

ÜberWi is open architecture as well as radio vendor agnostic; with a low cost of ownership offers a rapid return on investment.